Gary Busey gives sleep tips?? 2018 in a nutshell.


November 8, 2018 at 5:48 am - Home, Mornings with Dave
By Dave Baker

 “Rolling Stone” asked GARY BUSEY to make an ASMR video.  They’re really popular on YouTube now.  People just make soft, soothing sounds that are supposed to give you a relaxed, tingly sensation.

Instead, Gary decided to just ramble off tips for getting to sleep.  And frankly, they’re more likely to keep you up all night wondering what the heck you just watched.

First, he suggested you get some “tapes” of ocean waves, or a summer rainstorm in Hawaii that feels like it’s, quote, “coating your body with a spiritual essence.”

Also, don’t go to bed mad at somebody, because, quote, “You might not wake up the next morning.”

Gary says listening to tapes of somebody whispering or talking to you DISCOURAGES sleep because, quote, “You’ve got your mind going and your hearing going, your senses going on something that’s outside of sleep.”

But then he says, quote, “It’s all good.  If it works, great.  Do it.  Sleep comes as a gift, because sleeping is a gift.”  (???)

So let’s say you’ve followed Gary’s advice, and you got a good night’s sleep anyway.  What do you do the next morning?  Well, he’s got you covered.

The first thing you do is say, “This is gonna be a beautiful day.”

And all the days of the week are beautiful, because they all end in the letter “Y”.  And “Y” is, quote, “the symbol of a forked road.  One path leads to the village of truth, one path leads to the village of lies.”  (???)  So in conclusion . . . quote, “Don’t look for remedies to go to sleep outside of yourself.  Because you go to sleep with yourself, you wake up with yourself . . .

“That’s not gonna get you to sleep.  That’s gonna get you to watch Soupy Sales or something on TV.”



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