2017 RnR HOF Highlights


April 10, 2017 at 5:41 am - Home, Mornings with Dave
By Dave Baker

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony went down Friday night in Brooklyn.  The new class includes Pearl Jam, Journey, Yes, Tupac Shakur, ELO, Joan Baez, and Nile Rodgers.

HBO won’t air the show until April 29th . . . but here are some highlights:

Yes reunited with singer Jon Anderson for their first performance together in over a decade.  But that was overshadowed by keyboardist Rick Wakeman’s odd acceptance speech, which was more like a stand-up routine.   It included sex jokes . . . including one about his dad telling him not to go to a strip club.  He said, quote, “I remember he sat me down once, he said, ‘Son, don’t go to any of those really cheap, dirty, nasty, sleazy strip clubs because if you do, you’ll see something you shouldn’t.’  So, of course I went . . . and I saw my dad.”

He also told joked about getting a recent prostate exam.  Remember, this is the Rock Hall induction.

(And here’s Yes’s performance with Geddy Lee of Rush.)


Journey also reunited with singer Steve Perry, but he did NOT perform with them.  He was ALL CLASS during his acceptance speech, though . . . he even complimented the band’s current singer Arnel Pineda.

He said, quote, “I must give a complete shout out to a man who sings his heart out every night, and that’s Arnel Pineda.  To Arnel . . . I love you.”  He even let Arnel get a picture with him.

Arnel captioned it, quote, “One of the sweetest hugs you can ever get from one of my heroes and silent mentors.  It means the world to me.  I waited 35 years for this moment.  Thank you Almighty God!”

Arnel was there to sing, but he was not inducted with the band.  Journey thought Arnel should’ve been inducted, because he’s been with them 10 years straight, which makes him their longest tenured singer, at least consistently.


Rick Wakeman wasn’t the only comedian on-hand.  David Letterman inducted Pearl Jam.  He was filling in for Neil Young, who bailed because he was sick . . . or as Dave said, quote, “The poor guy just can’t stay up this late.”  He was funny, but he also got real.  He said, quote, “Never take the opportunity for live music for granted and that’s the message I can bring you folks tonight.”


Electric Light Orchestra opened the show with a Chuck Berry tribute, and as usual, the night ended with an all-star JAM.

It involved members of Pearl Jam, Journey, and Yes, along with Geddy Lee of Rush, who was inducted in 2013.  They covered Neil Young’s iconic “Rockin’ in the Free World”.



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